Free shipping on purchases over 30€.
Verified reviews 4.8/5
Free shipping on purchases over 30€.
Verified reviews 4.8/5
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club dorsch

Únete al CLUB DORSCH creando tu cuenta gratuita y recibe 10% de descuento como regalo para tu primera compra


Club Dorsch


We are a brand faithful to a purpose, because we are a group of people faithful to the principles that gave birth to the company.

Today, we want to thank you for your trust and that is why we have created a space with advantages for you.

We were born to contribute to people's well-being.


Solo por haberte suscrito a nuestra web y entrar en tu cuenta, obtendrás precios especiales de fidelidad.

Podrás ver este precio en cada producto.

Crea un código en “MIS PUNTOS” para compartir y obterner más puntos
Once you are registered, you must access your account and click on the section of my points. You will be able to see the total points accumulated so far and even redeem them for a coupon if you wish.
For each euro spent on a purchase, you will get 1 point. These points will accumulate in your account until you decide to use them. There is no minimum number of points required to obtain a coupon, from the first point can be applied. You just have to remember that 100 points are 1€. 
Coupons do not have an expiration date. When you decide to obtain and use a coupon, you must redeem your points for the coupon and it will be applied directly to your shopping cart.
The 10% discount is a coupon itself. It cannot be applied to additional coupons since the user will not have accumulated points so far. In the event that there is a discount on a particular product or discounts on the entire website on the loyalty price, the 10% will be an additional discount for new users. If there are discounts on the web with a discount coupon, the additional 10% cannot be applied.