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Free shipping on purchases over 30€.
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We believe. We believe.



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In the 1980s, Ana Fridda Dorsch decided to find a solution to the premature aging of her skin caused by a rare disease.

She soon became the first Spaniard to receive a doctorate in natural medicine, creating a complete anti-aging line based on clean, effective and safe ingredients.

Forty years later, she, you and thousands of people enjoy her unique way of understanding and making cosmetics. Driven by her restless and innovative spirit, at Farma Dorsch we continue to evolve our products and our brand, with an image change that brings us even closer to you.



Our values are our principles. They drive us and research drives us to deliver what we believe in. That is why our laboratory is the very heart of the company, where we research, develop and test all our products.

We believe in the value of efficiency, because we were born from the search for real solutions to real problems.

We believe in health because we are dermo-cosmetics at the service of people's physical and mental well-being.

We believe in sustainability because we thank nature for everything it gives us in a responsible way.

We believe in "Clean beauty" cosmetics: natural, effective and sustainable. And we believe... in everything we do. Because we do it for you.

We believe. We believe.


Farma Dorsch represents a legacy that commits us to the quality of our products and to the well-being of people.

Farma Dorsch was built from empathy, from the concern that motivated us to know more and more about the skin and its care, from the interest in the latest advances and the conviction of the power of natural active ingredients to improve people's health, from the self-demand and from the respect for the environment around us.

Know-how, character and principles that are the soul of the brand, which are still present today and are a guarantee for our consumers.


We transfer in a transparent way the evaluations of each of our products through efficacy tests.


Green formulas: vegan, no animal ingredients, no parabens, cyclic silicones, PEGs. We use renewable sources and have an exhaustive control of water and electricity. We do not emit fumes and we have a geothermal plant.

with people

Our commitment to people commits us to the efficacy of our products above all else, without forgetting that, for us, there is no efficacy without respect, without transparency, without care for health and for the environment around us.


We use the latest generation of active ingredients, called CLEAN INGREDIENTS. Natural, vegetable and synthesis ingredients with the best ratings.


For us, there is no efficiency without respect, transparency, care for health and the environment around us. We care about you and all the people who work with us.


We were born to continue the legacy of Ana Fridda Dorsch, a pioneer who taught us the importance of skin care for our physical and mental well-being.


We have a labor inclusion agreement with the PRODIS foundation (a foundation that helps people with intellectual disabilities).

albinos in africa

In 2012, Farma Dorsch developed the first specific formulation of photoprotectors for albino people, destined for the production unit of the NGO Africa Direct in Tanzania.

today and tomorrow

We avoid the unnecessary production of by-products and are committed to biodegradability, which is one of our major commitments in the future. Because in this way we will be creating the most effective solutions not only for today, but also for tomorrow.

The laboratory is the heart of our company.

It is there that our curiosity, our knowledge, our scientific soul, our desire to constantly improve, our passion for what we do, are always kept awake.

It is there that we research and develop our own formulas, which comply with the most demanding certifications and the strictest criteria.

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