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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be there for you and answer all your questions. We do not work with "robots". All inquiries we receive are answered by one of our specialists.

Your questions and comments make us grow every day, for that reason, we have made a compilation of questions and answers, in order to give you a faster service.

We invite you to browse through our "compilation", if you still have questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp or mail, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Farma Dorsch products do not have an expiration date because they bear the PAO seal (period in which once opened the product is in optimal conditions of use).

The ODP is a graphic symbol that identifies the shelf life of a cosmetic product from the time its container is first opened. This symbol is represented by an open cosmetic jar on which is printed a number of months that it takes to spoil after opening.

In order for a cosmetic to include the PAO (Period after Open) on its labeling, it must have demonstrated a product stability equal to or greater than 30 months from its manufacture. Otherwise, an expiration date must be added.

There is no biological age to use anti-aging creams. You can start using them both to prevent and to fight the signs of aging. The first ritual to follow is a good cleansing, followed by moisturizing and nourishing.
A facial scrub, for example, should always be used at night, as subsequent exposure to the sun can irritate and damage your skin.
During the day, your skin is exposed to the sun's rays, so it is recommended that you apply a cream with a sun protection factor in the morning. At night, your skin will focus more on regeneration, so you should use a cream whose active ingredients are more concentrated and not aimed at protecting you from the sun.
The answer is YES. An ideal eye contour should comply with the following premises: correct pH: The ph of our tear duct is 7, while in the rest of the face we have a 5.5 so it is common that irritations / allergies occur when products are applied with an inadequate pH. Active ingredients that facilitate the irrigation of the capillaries to avoid dark circles, with nutrients that help to decontract the lines and wrinkles of expression that are formed in this area by the gestures of expression and low in fat content.

CLEAN BEAUTY, is a commitment that goes beyond including natural ingredients, although these are also part of the concept. At Farma Dorsch we prioritize the efficacy of our products above any other objective, choosing the most highly valued active ingredients and formulating products with clean and sustainable processes. 

CLEAN INGREDIENTS are state-of-the-art active ingredients. Their origin can be natural, vegetable or synthesis, but always with the best valuations, taking into account their toxicological data and scientific bibliography for safety and sustainability.

The Farma Dorsch CC Cream contains color pigments that provide a natural finish, which perfectly adapts and clones all skin types. For this reason Farma Dorsch has only one color in its CC Cream treatment, but it will adapt to your skin perfectly.

Our formula does not contain ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or Denat alcohol. These alcohols are used in cosmetics as disinfectants or to carrier or solubilize ingredients. However, they are not suitable at high concentrations because they can dry out the skin or cause staining with sun exposure.

Our formula does not contain ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or Denat alcohol. These alcohols are used in cosmetics as disinfectants, or to carrier or solubilize ingredients. However, they are not suitable at high concentrations because they can dry out the skin or cause staining with sun exposure.


Cetearyl alcohol also known as cetostearyl alcohol or cetyl stearyl alcohol (Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol) is present in some of our products. This active ingredient is a type of fatty alcohol naturally present in some plants and serves as an emulsifier (so that oils do not separate from liquids in creams) and emollient (moisturizes the skin and enhances skin penetration). It does not irritate or dry the skin.

The Go Organic shampoo does not contain Silicones or sulfates, so it normally has to go through 3 stages before achieving the expected results.


  • 1st DETOX Stage: your hair begins to do without silicones, so it is normal to notice that it is a little frizzier and drier to the touch. The shampoo will lather less at this stage. Your hair is removing residues and starts to produce its own natural oils. This is a normal process that you can compensate with an extra Farma Dorsch Conditioner and Mask .
  • 2nd STAGE ADAPTATION: in a few weeks your hair will be completely free of silicones, sulfates and other "chemicals". You will notice your hair will be healthier and silkier. It will start to lather more during washing and you will need less product.
  • Stage 3 HEALTHY HAIR: after a few months, your hair is healthier and more vigorous than ever. The hair will last longer clean so you will be able to space the time between washes.

Farma Dorsch products can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as they are for topical use. In fact, most of our treatments (firming milk, ultra-nourishing, anti-stretch marks) are recommended by specialists for these cases of weight changes.

However, our recommendation is not to use those containing RETINOL and always, in case of doubt, consult a specialist.

Although they have few compounds in common, we always recommend not mixing these types of products because of the possibility of receiving too much of any active ingredient. As hair treatments are recommended 3-4 months a year, there would be no inconvenience in performing the treatments intermittently.
We have an advanced airless system in most of our products to ensure stability and improve their use. Safe and responsible packaging with us and with the environment. Maximum efficiency and hygiene. Better use of the product. They are recyclable.

Yes, Farma Dorsch products are cruelty free as we do not test on animals.

As of March 2009, animal testing for new cosmetic ingredients is banned throughout the European Union.

In March 2013, the sale of finished products containing ingredients tested on animals was definitively banned in the EU. There are great advances in terms of safe toxicological tests that supplement and improve those that were carried out on animals.

Ophthalmological controls are usually performed on products that come into contact with the eyes. In our FARMA DORSCH treatments and in particular the Eye Contour, we use active ingredients to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes, reduce expression lines and provide firmness to the skin around the eyes. These ingredients are selected taking into account their toxicological profile to avoid hypersensitivity reactions and taking into account the area of application. It is fragrance-free and preservatives are adjusted to the necessary dosage with a microbiological test and airless packaging. We conducted a dermal compatibility study on sensitive skin and during the study there was no irritant response in any volunteer. It is important to note to avoid applying any eye contour too close to the eye, as the cream can migrate during the day as the skin warms up, and can seep into the eyes.

The Vitamin C used in our treatments is stabilized with silanol (organic silicon), which allows the cream to have a pH between 5-5.5.

On the other hand, the retinol we use, being encapsulated, does not cause irritation and is able to penetrate better as well.

In this way, there is a synergy between their effects, enhancing the stimulation of collagen production (wrinkle improvement), inhibition of melanogenesis (preventing and correcting blemishes).

The packaging chosen for the hair line is very special in order to protect our product in a sustainable way. Making the most of the content and protecting it with a barrier system that minimizes the contact of the cosmetic product with the air and isolates it from external agents.

Bag-in-Bottle" technology has been used for this innovative packaging, a hermetically sealed bag inside the totally airless bottle that adheres to it, turning the container into a perfect vacuum system that prevents contamination and allows the product to be used to its full potential.

At the base of the bottle, there is a groove that allows air to enter the bottle (never in contact with the product), making it possible for the product to come out of the bag with each dosage. If it were not for this slot, the outer part of the product would be deformed. In addition, if the bag were not completely sealed, the cap could not be pressed down.

Because of this slot, sometimes, if we have the product in the bathroom, water can enter inside the container, but NEVER inside the bag.

Slim & Firma contains Fucoxanthin, its concentration per capsule is 4mg, 8 mg daily, this would allow the use of the supplement in people with thyroid disorders.

Fucoxanthin is a brown or brownish carotenoid pigment found in Chrysophyta (kingdom Eukarya, Class Phaeophyceae) phaeophytes (Phycophytes spp.). It belongs to the family of xanthophylls. It is a pigment responsible for the greenish-brown color of seaweeds such as wakame and hijiki. These seaweeds are often used in Asian foods such as miso soup and sushi rolls. Fucoxanthin stimulates the thermogenesis of fat cells, thus accelerating metabolism and allowing rapid weight loss. This has been demonstrated by studies conducted by a group of researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan. These studies also concluded that fucoxanthin enables white fat cells to act as brown fat cells, whose function is to maintain body temperature. Brown fat burns energy instead of storing it like white fat. In addition to contributing to fat loss, it has been attributed with anti-diabetic, anti-stroke, anti-cancer and anti-cancer properties.