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Free shipping on purchases over 30€.
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Take care of your skin in a healthy way with facial treatments of the highest quality. Effective with your skin and sustainable with the environment. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and formulated with clean ingredients.

Buy natural cosmetic facial products

The facial care is one of the fundamental pillars for the health of our skin and face. and face health. Some people neglect facial care, being more important than we consider. Not only will you feel radiant and youngit is also a hygienic practice that allows you to prevent skin damage skin damage and dermatological diseases such as rosacea, acne, dermatitis, sun damage, etc. If you are considering buying natural cosmetic facial products, you are in the right place. you are in the right place.

It is essential to have a specific facial care routine. Each person and each skin is different, you should use the appropriate products for it or if your skin has a series of special requirements.

Buy the best natural cosmetic facial products 

Once you know which are the natural cosmetic products that your skin needs your skin needsOnce you know which natural cosmetic products your skin needs, you must choose those that are of optimum quality, we are talking about facial care, you cannot apply to your skin the first product you find in the market.

There are some products that cannot be left out of your cleansing and skin care routines.

Moisturizing cream

With the passage of time, the skin loses properties and waterDehydrated skin loses its luminosity, may become more sensitive and suffer from rosacea or eczema.

Here we highlight the Moisturizing CC Cream with Color, a corrective moisturizer with high protection, SPF 50. The perfect treatment for skin depigmentation, repairing and unifying everything. Daily use will mattify and protect your skin from external aggressions. Made with completely natural and organic cosmetics, free of silicones and parabens.

Cleaning gels

Gives your skin the deep cleansing it needs without damaging it, thus, you will keep the pores clean avoiding its obstruction and with it, the appearance of acne.

The Dermo Cleansing Gel is perfect for deep cleansing and purifying oily skin. Keeping it clean, soft and hydrated. Perfect for oily or acne-prone skin.

Its active ingredients are of vegetable origin and do not contain alcohols, silicones or soaps.


One of the newest additions to facial cleansers, their most important feature is that they have their main ingredients in high concentration. high concentration. They are quickly absorbed by the skin and are recommended by dermatologists to treat dryness, dehydration, acne spots, etc.

For example, the Serum Booster is ideal for firming, brightening and defending the skin, suitable for all skin types and phototypes. Its texture is very fluid, it will reduce blemishes and wrinkles. Its composition is 100% natural, you can use it every day.

If you are looking for an Extreme Hydration Lifting Serum, you are in the right place. Smoothing and firming the skin, its day and night use provides extreme hydration. Its active ingredients are of vegetable origin.


It is essential to use sunscreens and sunscreens on a daily basis.The rays of the skin affect us, causing burns and irritations, and at an extreme point, can lead to skin cancer.s causing burns and irritations, even leading to skin cancer. The use of sunscreen should be mandatory for both face and body.

If you also apply a cream that protects you from the sun's rays and moisturizes you, it will be the perfect action. For example, Moisturizing Cream SPF 50 will serve as an anti-aging, anti-pollution and anti-glycation shield. It protects against UVA, UVB radiation and free radicals. 

Benefits of buying facial cosmetics

Facial skin is very sensitive and is exposed all year round to external factors such as cold, pollution, dust, heat, wind, etc. In addition, we can help or harm our skin from the inside, avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking, following a healthy diet, etc. Stress or lack of sleep have an impact on our skin.

The benefits of buying natural cosmetic facial products are:

  • You will delay the appearance of wrinkles
  • Oxygenate your skin
  • You will regulate and stop acne
  • Removes dead cells
  • Reduces signs of fatigue 
  • Deeply moisturizes
  • Skin that is cared for accepts makeup better

Where to buy the best natural cosmetics for the face

At Farma Dorsch we are a dermatological laboratory where we produce healthy, sustainable and nature-inspired cosmetics. Our products are vegan and are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin..

We have a wide range of products for face, hair and body, depending on the type of skin you have. If you need to to buy natural cosmetic facial products this is your site.

Visit our website to see which of our many products is right for you and your skin. 

Find out more about each of them, as well as our EFFECTIVENESS TESTS.