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Free shipping to mainland Spain over 40€
Verified reviews 4.8/5
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Committed, since the very beginning, to sustainability and ethics in business, FARMA DORSCH focuses on the research and manufacture of products that care for health and the environment.

This commitment has earned several awards and recognitions, such as one from Lifestyle 3.0 consulting firm which awarded the Laboratory as a Spanish company of reference in sustainability for its social, economic and environmental commitment.


FARMA DORSCH was born to develop innovative and effective solutions through science, nature and technology, offering them to as many people as possible.

Our commitment to people, the original purpose of FARMA DORSCH, commits us to the efficacy of our products above all else, without forgetting that, for us, there is no efficacy without respect, without transparency, without care for health and for the environment around us.

Because in this way we will be creating the most effective solutions not only for today, but also for tomorrow.

Compormiso con las personas


We are a naturally balanced brand. Through our science, with formulations that are respectful of health and the environment in their composition, through our controlled production and distribution model, through the careful selection of packaging, or through our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint; but also through our close and empathetic character, and through our loyalty to principles that make us a reliable brand and partner.

We use state-of-the-art active ingredients, called CLEAN INGREDIENTSNatural, vegetable and synthetic ingredients that have the best ratings because, based on experience, science and biotechnology, they are healthy for you and the environment.


We transfer in a transparent way the evaluations of each of our products through efficacy tests carried out by independent experts and based on scientific documentation and experience, convinced that this new trend will lead the industry to make a better cosmetic and a better world. 

In this sense, FARMA DORSCH has been the 1st Dermocosmetic Laboratory to have several of its products verified by EWG, an American non-profit, non-partisan organization that is altruistically dedicated to the protection of health and the environment.

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We use renewable sources. Both in the raw materials and in the production, use and final destination processes.

We have an exhaustive control of water and electricity . We do not emit fumes and we have our own geothermal plant.

We avoid the unnecessary production of by-products and are committed to biodegradabilitywhich is one of our major commitments.

We recycle cardboard, we have reduced the use of paper by almost 80% and the cardboard used in our packaging is FSC certified, guaranteeing its responsible and sustainable origin.

Our facilities are equipped with solar panels, demonstrating our commitment to renewable energy and environmental sustainability.



Farma Dorsch has a labor inclusion agreement with the PRODIS foundation, where one of its young students with intellectual disabilities works in the administration and support department in conditioning. Currently Farma Dorsch has received an INCLUSIVE COMPANIES 2022 AWARD.


vegan and CRUELTY FREE

At Farma Dorsch we develop our products with respect for animals. Our formulas are vegan and contain no animal ingredients.

We are Cruelty Free. We do not test our products on animals in accordance with current European cosmetic regulations.


Because we are fully aware that every day our obligation is to reinforce, protect and maintain the legacy of a purpose.

We are a naturally balanced brand.

For our science, with formulations that are respectful of health and the environment in their composition, for our controlled production and distribution model, for the careful selection of packaging, or for the effort in reducing our environmental footprint; but also for our close and empathetic character, and for our loyalty to principles that make us a reliable brand and partner.

We are also working to find a way to make all our packaging biodegradable without deteriorating its contents. In the future, we want our packaging to be biodegradable.

near specialists

We support different medical projects both in Spain and in developing countries. Organizations that help sick people or the research of their diseases.

Dermatologists, radiologists, allergists and specialists from other sectors such as pharmaceuticals, always close to us both to evaluate our products and to help us grow together.

The fight against COVID19 could not be less. FARMA DORSCH was present in the care and support of hospitals such as IFEMA and Sanitas Hospital La Moraleja in the form of soothing moisturizing creams and gels. These repairing products helped the symptoms caused by the constant washing and disinfecting of hands. The material was sent directly to healthcare personnel and patients, taking special care to ensure that it reached the elderly, whose skin is much more fragile and who spend more time lying down.



In 2012, FARMA DORSCH, developed the first specific formulation of photoprotectors for albino people, destined for the production unit of the NGO Africa Directo in Tanzania. The Community of Madrid, the Association of Dermatologists of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital and the asset manager Bestinver also participate in the project, financing the training of local surgeons to operate on skin cancer, as well as educational scholarships for albino children to have access to jobs that do not require sun exposure.