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Combining Science, Nature and Technology

Innovation and Sustainability

At FARMA DORSCH, we specialize in developing innovative solutions for sensitive skin, inspired by the needs of our founder.

We combine advanced science, natural ingredients and bio-technology to create highly effective and safe products.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to continually innovate, not only to respond to today's demands, but also to protect and preserve the future of the planet.


the future

Our daily commitment is to strengthen and protect the legacy of our eco-conscious vision.

As a brand that balances science and sustainability, we meticulously select eco-friendly materials and reduce our environmental footprint, demonstrating our leadership in sustainable production and responsible distribution.



We use renewable resources at all stages, from raw materials to production processes.

Our facilities include solar panels, a water treatment plant and a geothermal plant, where we produce no polluting emissions.

This zero-emission policy underlines our commitment to a greener future, ensuring that our products are biodegradable and our packaging is recyclable and sustainable.



Our love for nature and animals is reflected in every product.

Cruelty-free, vegan and cruelty-free dermo-cosmetics designed to suit even the most sensitive skin.

We strictly comply with European cosmetic regulations and are proud to adhere to the EWG guidelines, reinforcing our leadership in responsible cosmetics.

Diversity and Workplace Inclusion


We promote a work environment that fosters family reconciliation, supported by our spacious facilities and a culture of open communication.

In addition, we maintain a labor inclusion agreement with the PRODIS foundation, where one of their young students with intellectual disabilities contributes significantly in our administration and support department. Thanks to these efforts, we recently received the Inclusive Companies 2022 Recognition, reaffirming our commitment to a diverse and accessible work environment.

with the neediest skins


At FARMA DORSCH, we are aware that our specialty is skin care. That is why we have been collaborating for years with the NGO Africa Direct to support albino people in Africa, providing them with products, caps and T-shirts designed to protect their sensitive skin.

In 2012, we took our commitment a step further by developing the first specific formulation of photoprotectors for albinos, destined for the NGO's production unit in Tanzania.This project is also supported by the Community of Madrid, the Association of Dermatologists of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, and the asset manager Bestinver, which contribute by funding the training of local surgeons to treat skin cancer and by offering educational scholarships to help albino children access safe jobs out of the sun.



We work closely with dermatologists, radiologists, allergists and pharmacists to evaluate and improve our products. We conduct ongoing efficacy tests and medical studies that allow us to learn and advance every day.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we donated moisturizing creams and gels to renowned hospitals, such as IFEMA and La Moraleja de Sanitas, providing relief to healthcare personnel and patients with sensitive skin.

In addition, we support various medical projects in Spain and in developing countries, mainly focused on the fight against cancer.