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efficacy and ingredients

Yes, our products are cruelty free as we do not test on animals.
In March 2009, animal testing for new cosmetic ingredients was banned throughout the European Union.
In March 2013, there was a definitive ban on the sale of finished products containing ingredients tested on animals, in the EU. There are major advances in safe toxicological tests that supplement and improve on those that were performed on animals.

When a product, such as those of Farma Dorsch, is "Cruelty Free", it means that it refuses to test its products on animals.
The PETA seal, which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It is a paid certificate and not all brands have it, since it is not necessary to have it to be Cruetly Free.

Yes, Farma Dorsch products are safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to their topical application. Treatments such as Ultra Firm Skin, Anti-Stretch Marks and Anticellulite cream are recommended by specialists for these cases.

We make sure to carefully select the active ingredients and follow rigorous manufacturing processes to guarantee efficacy and safety. We offer detailed technical data sheets with INCI nomenclature and description of each ingredient, allowing you to consult with your doctor to make informed decisions.

Our formulas do not contain ethyl alcohol (ethanol) or Denat alcohol, which can dry out the skin or cause blemishes with sun exposure. However, we do use cetearyl alcohol (Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol), a natural oily alcohol that acts as an emulsifier and emollient, without irritating or drying the skin.

Ophthalmological controls are usually performed on products that come into contact with the eyes.

In our FARMA DORSCH treatments and in particular the Eye Contour products, we use active ingredients to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes, reduce expression lines and provide firmness to the skin. These ingredients are selected taking into account their toxicological profile to avoid hypersensitivity reactions and taking into account the area of application. It is fragrance-free and preservatives are adjusted to the necessary dosage with a microbiological test and airless packaging. We performed a dermal compatibility study on sensitive skin and during the study there was no irritant response in any volunteer.

Farma Dorsch products do not have an expiration date because they are stamped with the PAO (Period After Opening), which indicates how long the product remains in optimal conditions after opening. The PAO is represented by an opened jar and the number of months of shelf life. Only products with stability equal to or greater than 30 months can use the PAO; otherwise, they must add an expiration date.

Facial products

Yes, you can use the same cream every morning and evening. But during the day, your skin is exposed to sun's rays, therefore, it is recommended that you also apply sunscreen.

Our recommendation is to use a sunscreen when applying creams containing Retinol during the day, as it can make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. However, the Retinol we use in our formulas, being encapsulated, does not cause irritation and is able to penetrate the skin better.

The Vitamin C used in our treatments is stabilized with silica (organic silica), which allows the cream to have a pH between 5-5.5.

On the other hand, the retinol we use, being encapsulated, does not cause irritation and is able to penetrate the skin better, thus producing a synergy between its effects, enhancing the stimulation of collagen production (improving wrinkles), inhibiting melanogenesis (preventing and correcting blemishes).

The main difference between these two creams is the skin type.
Dermovita is indicated for normal to oily skin while Retinol + Vitamin C is for combination skin.

There is no biological age to start use anti-aging creams. You can start using them both to prevent and to fight the signs of aging. The first ritual to follow is a good cleansing, followed by moisturizing and nourishing.

Sunscreen is a very important step in your routine that you should include daily, whether it's winter, summer, sunny or rainy. Our sunscreens also protect against blue light, as well as UVA and UVB rays, so it's crucial to use it every day to maintain a healthy skin. This step should be done every morning after your facial routine, and before applying makeup (at night you don't have to apply it). Reapplying sunscreen is recommended every 2-3 hours. One option for reapplication, when you are not wearing make-up, is our SUN STICK SPF 50.

Farma Dorsch's moisturizers distinguish themselves in the market not only as sunscreens, but also as holistic skin care solutions. Their advanced formula, enriched with powerful active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Epithelial Growth Factor, Vitamins or Organic Silica, goes beyond providing hydration; it also repairs and deeply nourishes. Incorporating a careful selection of filters that protect the skin against photoaging, UV rays, environmental pollution and even blue light. Farma Dorsch creams represent a complete daily treatment that covers all aspects of skin care. They offer hydration, repair, strengthening and protection. Formulated with non-comedogenic ingredients, they have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin. In addition, they are free of allergens in their fragrances and their matte finish leaves the skin soft, fresh and visibly rejuvenated.

Of course! Contact us and one of our beauty experts will help you choose a routine that suits your needs.

Phone: 91 848 90 05


Body Care

To treat and reduce cellulite, we have two products: Anticellulite Cream and Meso-slim.

Both products are suitable for severe cellulite, although we would recommend Meso-slim for severe cellulite, as it reduces the orange peel effect, favoring the elimination of localized fat, improving drainage and edema both at rest and during exercise.
When applying the product, it is advisable to perform circular movements massaging the area.

Ideally, the products should be applied twice a day, in the morning and at night, to obtain the desired results.

If you want to apply two products, you should first apply the local treatment on the areas to be treated, and then the moisturizer on the rest of the body. Always in the morning and at night to achieve the desired effects.

Hair Care

The Go Organic shampoo does not contain Silicones or sulfates, so it normally has to go through 3 stages before achieving the expected results.


1st Stage: DETOX: When silicones are removed from
the hair, it is common to experience increased frizz and a sensation of dryness
due to the elimination of residue. This adjustment period requires the hair to
rebalance its natural oil production. Applying conditioner can help alleviate
these temporary textural changes.

2nd stage. ADAPTATION: After a few weeks, the hair will
be completely free of silicones, sulfates and other "chemical"
agents. It will be healthier and silkier. It will start to produce much more
foam during washing and less product will be needed.

3rd stage: LONG TERM: After a few months of usage,
your hair will be healthier and more vigorous than ever and the time between
washes will be spaced out.

As it is a shampoo formulated only with natural soaps and without sulfates, if the previous washes have been done with a conventional shampoo with silicones, less foam may be seen during the wash, however, from the 1st wash all the accumulated residues will be removed. From the 3rd or 4th wash onwards, you will notice more foam formation, that the hair stays cleaner and looser for longer and noticeably less hair loss.

Food Suplements

Yes, our supplements can be taken continuously throughout the year, although it is advisable to review their use periodically and consult with a professional. We suggest a month's break after three months of use to evaluate the benefits. You can take several supplements at the same time, as long as you follow the recommended amounts and consult with a professional to ensure optimal supplementation management.

The recommended age we advise to take food supplements such as Sambhala is from 18 years of age. The doses are the recommendations made by the World Health Organization for the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

These RDAs (Recommended Dietary Allowances), expressed according to sex and age and modified for situations such as pregnancy and lactation, are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of virtually all healthy people.

There is no contraindication for SAMBHALA anti-aging treatment in a healthy population*.

Its formulation has been reviewed by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV) and has a scientific-medical evaluation report issued by doctors specializing in dermatology, internal medicine and anti-aging clinical research at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid. In addition, SAMBHALA has been evaluated by the Federal Agency for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and the Environment of Brussels. All this guarantees that SAMBHALA is a completely safe, reliable and effective product.

However, in chronic processes* or specific pathologies for which the product is not indicated, our recommendation is to consult your specialist physician first.

Slim & Firm contains Fucoxanthin, its concentration per capsule is 4mg, 8 mg daily, this would allow the use of the supplement in people with thyroid disorders.

Fucoxanthin is a brown or brownish carotenoid pigment found in algae (Phycophytes spp.) phaeophyceae Chrysophyta (kingdom Eukarya, Class Phaeophyceae. It belongs to the family of xanthophylls. It is a pigment responsible for the greenish-brown color of seaweeds such as wakame and hijiki. These seaweeds are often used in Asian foods such as miso soup and sushi rolls. Fucoxanthin stimulates the thermogenesis of fat cells, thus accelerating metabolism and allowing rapid weight loss. This has been demonstrated by studies conducted by a group of researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan. These studies also concluded that fucoxanthin enables white fat cells to act as brown fat cells, whose function is to maintain body temperature. Brown fat burns energy instead of storing it like white fat. In addition to contributing to fat loss, it has been attributed with anti-diabetic, anti-stroke, anti-cancer and anti-cancer properties.


We have an advanced airless system in most of our products to ensure stability and improve their use. Safe and responsible packaging with us and with the environment. Maximum efficiency and hygiene. Better use of the product. They are recyclable.

Yes, all our packaging is recyclable.

The packaging chosen for the shampoos and conditioner is very unique in order to protect our product in a sustainable way. It makes the most of the content and protects it with a barrier system that minimizes the contact of the cosmetic product with the air and isolates it from external agents.
This innovative packaging uses "Bag-in-Bottle" technology, a hermetically sealed bag inside the fully airless bottle that adheres to the bottle, turning the container into a perfect vacuum system that prevents contamination and allows the product to be used to its full potential.
At the base of the bottle, there is a groove that allows air to enter the bottle (never in contact with the product), thus making it possible for the product to come out of the bag with each dosage. If it were not for this slot, the outer part of the packaging would be deformed. In addition, if the bag were not completely sealed, it would not be possible to press the cap.
Because of this slot, if we have the product in the bathroom, sometimes water can enter inside the container, but NEVER inside the bag.


If you have doubts about how to make a purchase process, follow these steps:

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Step 2: Invoicing data
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Step 3: Validate purchase
The validation of the order by the Customer expressly implies knowledge and acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions as part of the conclusion of the contract. Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by Farma Dorsch online constitutes proof of all transactions made between Farma Dorsch and its customers. Farma Dorsch online will file the electronic document in which the contract is formalized and it will be accessible. Once the purchase has been made and in the shortest possible time, always within 24 hours from the execution of the purchase, Farma Dorsch online will send the Customer a proof of purchase by e-mail. If the Customer does not agree with the information contained in this confirmation, he/she may request the modification of the information or the cancellation of the contract.

Step 4: Payment
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