Our Commitment

At + Farma Dorsch we create EFFECTIVE, HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE cosmetics. Present and future generations are present in all our decisions.

Committed, since our very beginnings, to sustainability and ethics in business, + Farma Dorsch focuses on researching and manufacturing of products that care for health and the environment .

This commitment has achieved several awards and recognitions , such as the from the Lifestyle 3.0 consultancy which awarded the Laboratories as a Spanish company that is a benchmark in sustainability for its social, economic and environmental commitment. < / p>



First and foremost, our commitment is to the consumer. We invest in Customer Service both at the point of sale and through technology.

Our“Clean Beauty” Philosophy  also promotes awareness of the products purchased, not only for their efficacy and safety in skin care, but also for the impact that their life cycle, from the extraction of the components, to the production, distribution, use and final destination.


We transfer in a transparent way the evaluations of each of our products through efficacy tests carried out by independent experts and based on scientific documentation and experience, convinced that this new tendency will lead the industry to make better cosmetics and a better world.

In this sense + Farma Dorsch has been the 1st Dermocosmetic Laboratory to have several of its products with the EWG Verification, an American non-profit, non-partisan Organization, which is dedicated altruistically to the protection of the health and the environment.


  • We use Renewable sources. Both in the raw materials and in the production, use and final destination processes
  • We have a exhaustive control of water and electricity. We do not emit fumes and we have a geothermal plant
  • We avoid the unnecessary production of derivatives and we care committed to Biodegradability , being this one of our greatest commitments
  • Our formulas DO NOT CONTAIN Parabens, Sulfates, PEGs, Mineral Oils, Petrochemicals, Silicones , Alcohol, Phthalates or Sensitizing Chemical Preservatives
  • We use biodegradable Microspheres in Peeling and Anti-cellulite products
  • Preservatives authorized for natural and organic cosmetics
  • Allergen-free perfumes
  • Cruelty Free. + Farma Dorsch does not test on animals and does not use animal ingredients, so all our products are Vegan </ li>


  • 80% of our employees are women and we are committed to the integration of people with different abilities
  • Our Work Team is multiethnic and we firmly believe that each worker has a special ability to develop a task and contribute their bit to the success of the company. We believe in Collective work where we share ideas and visions
  • We invest in Training, in the improvement of schedules and we support the balance between work and family life


  • Most of our packaging includes Braille language
  • We use airless packaging that ensures Maximum efficiency and hygiene as well as Better product utilization
  • We have minimized the use of plastic and paper by about 90% and the cardboard we use has the FSC seal, an organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide.
  • We are members of ECOEMBES, a non-profit organization dedicated to the recycling of packaging across Spain. Encouraging in this way its recycling.


We support different organizations both in Spain and in developing countries. Organizations that help sick people or research into their diseases.

The fight against COVID19 could not be less, and under the motto #CuidamosDeLosQueNosCuidan  + Farma Dorsch was present in the care and support of hospitals such as IFEMA and La Moraleja de Sanitas Hospital in the form of moisturizing creams and gels with soothing action. These repair products helped the symptoms caused by constant washing and disfinfecting of hands. The material sent was directly destined for healthcare personnel and patients, taking special care to ensure that it reached the elderly, whose skin is much more fragile and who spent more time lying down.


In 2012, + Farma Dorsch , developed the first specific formulation of photoprotectors for albino people, destined for the production unit of the NGO Africa Directo in Tanzania . The Community of Madrid, the Association of Dermatologists of the Ramón y Cajal Hospital and the asset manager Bestinver are also participating in the project, financing the training of local surgeons to operate on skin cancer, as well as educational scholarships so that albino children have access to jobs that do not require sun exposure.

In addition, we collaborate on a regular basis with these foundations and associations:



Our policy is to regularly update our formulations to the latest assessments of the organizations that determine the strictest criteria of sustainability and safety for the environment. For this reason, we are constantly improving the percentage of Clean Ingredients.

We also have a clear objective in our PACKAGING. We are working to find a way to make all our packaging biodegradable without deteriorating its contents. In the future, we want our packaging to be 100% BIODEGRADABLE.