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Who is Ana Fridda Dorsch?

Who is Ana Fridda Dorsch?

Do you know our History? Our Origins?

The Spanish laboratories, Fridda Dorsch, have their origin in the personal story of Dr. Ana Fridda Dorsch . An enterprising woman who after an unknown skin disease, diagnosed as incurable by Boston University, decided to study Natural Medicine to design the original formulas of this firm.

Anti-aging treatments for all skin types, but especially designed for sensitive skin, as one of the basic objectives of Fridda, was and is, to achieve the highest quality treatments, proven effectiveness, without allergens for your skin problems.

She suffered from scars, stretch marks and premature aging, but she refused to give up, and thanks to her research and the continuous advice of dermatologists, pharmacists and cosmetologists, the dermo-cosmetic formulas she wanted were born: effective for the health of the skin, with the best natural, organic and bio-sustainable active ingredients.

The Secret

Part of the secret of its formulations is that they are made with the highest quality active ingredients "Clean Ingredients", mostly of vegetable and marine origin, in concentrations of up to 97%; and that together with a special process of rigorous manufacturing protocols (through Green Chemistry), guarantee surprisingly effective and fast results.

The Fridda Dorsch laboratories have received important awards and stand out for their continuous dedication to research, development and innovation of dermo-cosmetic products for the prevention and treatment of skin aging.

Its formulas are developed under the definition of "ethical and effective cosmetics", manufactured with high concentrations of state-of-the-art active ingredients, such as: Saffron Stem Cells, Vegetable Proteoglycans, Mixed Hyaluronic Acid, natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF).....

Why Cosmetic, Ethical, and Sustainable?

These three words best define the entrepreneurial and committed character of the firm. Treatments, both body, facial and hair, with natural, organic and bio-sustainable active ingredients so that the skin obtains its maximum benefits, while being respectful of the environment, avoiding the use of substances with possible harmful effects, both for health and for the environment.

FARMA DORSCH products contain approximately 90% of natural ingredients of the highest purity and quality and are formulated with the most advanced biotechnology systems to enhance their absorption, efficacy and safety.

Next Generation

In 2000, Ana Fridda Dorsch passed the baton to the next generation and 3 of her 8 children are currently managing the company. Coral, currentCEO, Isabel, Production Manager and Sonia, Sales and Communication Manager.


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