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1Do products expire?
On each of our products you will find a graphic symbol that identifies the shelf life of a cosmetic product from the time it is first opened. This symbol is represented by an open cosmetic jar on which is printed the number of months that it takes to spoil after opening.
2At what age should I start using an anti-aging cream?
There is no biological age to use anti-aging creams. You can start using them both to prevent and to fight the signs of aging. The first ritual to follow is a good cleansing, followed by moisturizing and nourishing.
3When should I use sun protection?
All year round, no matter what time of the year it is. During the day, your skin is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, so it is recommended that you apply a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) every morning before going outside.
4When should I exfoliate my skin?
A facial scrub, for example, should always be used in the evening, as subsequent exposure to the sun can irritate and damage your skin.
5Can I use the same cream for day and night?
During the day, your skin is exposed to the sun's rays, so it is recommended that you apply a cream with a sun protection factor in the morning. At night, your skin will focus more on regeneration, so you should use a cream with more concentrated active ingredients and is not aimed at protecting you from the sun.
6Is it necessary to use an Eye Contour cream?
The answer is YES. An ideal eye contour should comply with the following premises: correct pH: The pH of our tear duct is 7, while in the rest of the face we have a 5.5, so it is common that irritations/allergies occur when applying products with an inadequate pH. Active ingredients that facilitate the irrigation of the capillaries to avoid dark circles, with nutrients that help to decontract the wrinkles and lines of expression that are formed in this area by gestures, and low in fat content.
7What kind of vegan products can you find on the market and how can I recognize them?
What kind of vegan products can you find on the market and how can I recognize them?
8How should vegan products be used to obtain optimal results?
We must be constant and make sure that the active ingredients of the product we choose have been tested for efficacy on the target, as +Farma Dorsch does to guarantee results in all of its products.
1Does the GO ORGANIC SHAMPOO create LESS foam?
As it is formulated only with natural soaps and without sulfates, if the previous washes have been carried out with a conventional shampoo with silicones, less foam may be seen during the wash. However, from the 1st wash, all accumulated residues will be removed. From the 3rd or 4th wash onwards, you will notice more foam formation, that the hair stays cleaner and looser for longer and noticeably less hair loss.
2I am pregnant, can I use your products?
All of our products can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as they are for topical use. In fact, most of our treatments (ultra-firming, ultra-nourishing, anti-stretch marks) are highly recommended by specialists for these cases of weight changes. However, our recommendation is always to check with your specialist.
3Can I take your supplements at the same time?
Although they have few compounds in common, we always recommend not mixing these types of products because of the possibility of receiving too much of any active ingredient. As hair treatments are recommended 3-4 months a year, there would be no inconvenience in taking the treatments intermittently.
4What type of packaging do you use?
We use an advanced airless system in most of our products to ensure stability and improve their use. Safe and responsible packaging with us and with the environment. Maximum efficiency and hygiene. Better use of the product. They are recyclable.
5Are you cruelty free?
Yes, we do not test on animals and our products are vegan. We invite you to read more about philosophy to find out more about us.
6Are your products ophthalmologically tested?
Ophthalmological tests are usually performed on products that are in contact with the eyes. In our FARMA DORSCH treatments and in particularly the Eye Contour Cream, we use active ingredients to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes, reduce lines of expression and provide firmness to the skin around the eyes. These ingredients are selected considering their toxicological profile to avoid hypersensitivity reactions and always considering the area where the product is to be applied. It is fragrance-free and preservatives are adjusted to the necessary dosage with a microbiological test and airless packaging. We conducted a dermal compatibility study on sensitive skin and during the study no irritant response was produced in any volunteer. It is important to note to avoid applying any eye contour cream too close to the eye, as the cream can migrate during the day as the skin warms up, and can seep into the eyes.
7How does a vegan product differ from its non-vegan counterparts in terms of composition?
The difference is that vegan cosmetics does not contain ingredients of animal origin or produced by animals such as beeswax, honey or lanolin produced by sheep.
8How do vegan products differ from their non-vegan counterparts in terms of results?
The results of a product do not depend on the origin of its ingredients but on the quality of the ingredients, the formulations, and their processes.



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