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Discover the secret to HEALTHY HAIR

Discover the secret to HEALTHY HAIR

organic or not

Do you want to know the secret to restore the health of your hair?

The key to maintaining healthy hair, recovering volume, shine and stopping hair loss, is a specific shampoo with the "WITH" and "WITH" that can help you achieve these benefits. It is not a fad, it is proven that using a shampoo without sulfates, silicones, parabens and formulated with natural active ingredients, guarantees hair health. But it is true that there is a fundamental secret to reach the goal, or rather 2: The first one is PATIENCE and the second one is DETOX.

Magic does not exist

Indeed, magic does not exist, and the most important step for any treatment is to BE CONSISTENT and in the case of a shampoo with organic and natural active ingredients, even more so, since it is necessary to go through a DETOX process that often leads us to despair or even to believe that the objective will not be achieved.

At + Farma Dorsch, we know very well what we are talking about, since our GO ORGANIC SHAMPOO requires adaptation, and a minimum dose of patience, to achieve its benefits.

We tell you how the process works

The previous scenario.

Both the hair and the scalp are covered with traces of silicones that remain and prevent the hair from oxygenating properly. It is not surprising that the hair is dry and dull. To this must be added the action of sulfates, which are aggressive to the hair fiber and prevent nutrients from penetrating inside.

*note: The vast majority of shampoos and hair products on the market, are formulated with significant amounts of silicones, petrochemicals, sulfates, alcohol and other substances that are added to improve organoleptic sensations during washing.

However, with the abuse of these products, it has been proven that these ingredients, in addition to not having any benefit on the hair, leave an excess of accumulative plastic residues on the hair, which cause it to become more opaque, require more frequent washing, the hair breaks, falls out and, in short, the hair loses strength and ages.

The detox stage begins. Patience!

As soon as you start to do without silicones, it is normal for the hair to be a bit frizzier and feel drier and rougher to the touch. Don't worry, the hair "misses" the silicones and has to adapt. In a few days it will start producing its own natural oils naturally. To survive this stage (which lasts a few weeks), just pamper your hair with extra pampering in the form of conditioners*, nourishing masks and high quality natural ingredients.

note: Our recommendation, without a doubt, is to pamper it with Go Organic Conditioner, with moisturizing, redensifying and anti-aging action. It increases density, thickness and volume from 100% natural ingredients.

Once detoxified....

After a few weeks your hair will be completely free of silicones, sulfates and other toxic agents and will look much healthier and silkier. In addition, because it is not weighed down by silicones, you will notice much more volume.

note: after the third or fourth wash, you will notice more foam formation, and the hair will start to stay clean and loose for longer.


After a few months your hair will be healthier and more vigorous than ever. Your hair will grow stronger, shinier and you will be able to space out the time between washes!

The wait is worth it. In only two months the hair adapts completely, although the best results are seen after approximately four months.

Will you join the DETOX Treatment for healthier hair?

DISCOVER in this post: VOGUE who has already tried it 😉.

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