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CC Cream - the formula 7 years ahead of the pandemic

CC Cream - the formula 7 years ahead of the pandemic

The multifunctional product from Laboratorios + Farma Dorsch is a beauty must-have - and we tell you why. 

When we at + Farma Dorsch came up with this product... we didn't know that it would become a must-have in the midst of a global pandemic that would force us to live with a protective mask attached to our face on a daily basis. Without the need for spoilers or crystal balls, our scientists created seven years ago the ultimate cream to show off the best skin and, if that wasn't enough, we reformulated it in 2017 by adding a good dose of Vitamin: the most sought-after ingredient today.


Its official name is Colour Correcting Cream and is a tinted moisturizing cream with SPF 50 UVA/UVB anti-pollution effect that corrects and evens skin tone, without creating the dreaded mask effect and improving the overall appearance. It was already a best seller and one of the firm's top-rated products, but now it has become a must-have for THESE 6 REASONS: CC50+ Farma Dorsch cream

  1. Provides natural color and radiance to the face with instant long-lasting coverage that resists the friction of mascaras.
  2. Its high sun protection (SPF 50) eliminates the need to use filters that increase the risk of shiny skin.
  3. It contains an anti-pollution active ingredient that makes it the perfect beauty complement for urban women.
  4. Thanks to vitamin C, it keeps the skin protected and luminous without the need for illuminators. In the eye contour area, the result is instantly visible.
  5. It has a matte effect and its light texture allows to control shine and excess oiliness of the skin. A very difficult thing to do when you have to deal with masks.
  6. It is perfectly adapted to the most sensitive skins. A problem that is increasing as a result of the extra stress generated by the coronavirus and by the direct action of the masks.


  • Combined high quality chemical and biological sunscreens make this product an effective anti-aging and anti-spot treatment.
  • Natural finish color pigments
  • Plant-derived Epithelial Growth Factor (EGF): increases defenses and regenerates the skin, smoothing wrinkles.
  • Stabilized vitamin C: antioxidant, detoxifying and skin restructuring. Provides firmness and brightens the complexion.
  • Licorice extract: with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti-irritant properties.
  • Anti-radical tripeptide: protects and repairs DNA to prevent and treat premature skin aging
  • Vitamin E: the perfect antioxidant for maintaining moisture and elasticity
  • Anti-pollution active ingredient: forms a physical shield on the skin to protect it from pollution.


There is ONE UNIVERSAL SHADE that adapts and clones perfectly to any skin type.

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