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Exfoliation is an important step in the routine of all skin types. Once a week, it is good to exfoliate your skin, thus stimulating cell renewal. By doing so, you can prevent the appearance of blackheads, deeply cleanse your skin, and even out the color and tone.

Your facial care routine should include an exfoliating scrub, removing the cells that are no longer useful from the superficial layers of the skin allows our face to be clean and enhance the natural beauty of the face. Learn more about facial exfoliating scrubs
What are facial scrubs? Everything you need to know before buying facial scrubs
Before buying facial scrubs to include in your skin care routine, you should know what exfoliation is and what it consists of.

Exfoliating the skin consists of cleaning it in depth, releasing dead cells and impurities from the superficial layers of the face to enhance the natural beauty. Thanks to the massages performed with facial exfoliation, blood circulation is reactivated.  

Facial scrubs are cleansing gels whose formula contains particles that help remove dead skin from the face, allowing the moisturizer you apply afterwards to act in depth. Its use will allow you to boost your results quickly. Get the radiant, smooth skin you're looking for. Removing dead skin in the long term allows you to regulate pore congestion, thus preventing the formation of impurities.
Benefits of buying facial scrubs
Buying facial scrubs has several benefits, among which we highlight:

Increased hydration of the face, the skin is covered by a layer of dead cells, oil, pollution and dirt. If you remove this layer thanks to exfoliation, the skin will be receptive to everything we want to apply, absorbing all the nutrients.
Regenerated skin, you will help the skin to complete its natural process of skin regeneration.
You will have a luminous appearance, a skin that has had impurities removed will be renewed and with the natural light it possesses.
You will soothe the skin, purifying and calming sensitive skin, exfoliation, if done with the right products, does not damage the skin. 

Buy the best facial scrubs on the market.
Every skin and every face is different, if you are considering to start taking care of your skin, you should apply the right exfoliator to avoid damaging your face. 

There are mechanical exfoliators that work with granules such as salt or ground bone, some chemical exfoliators that exfoliate with acids that remove lipids and keep the skin cells together. 

For dry skin, AHAs are recommended to help improve radiance and hydration. If, on the other hand, you have oily skin, BHAs are recommended, which penetrate into the deeper layers helping to unclog pores and balance oil production. 

At Farma Dorsch we have an exfoliating Bio Peel perfect for use on the face and also on the body. It will help you reduce wrinkles, spots and blackheads without scratching the skin. 

Composed of biodegradable formulas that unify and smooth the skin tone. Recommended for all skin types including sensitive or acne-prone skin.
Where to buy the best facial exfoliators
At Farma Dorsch we are experts in the development of dermatological products that are completely respectful of people and the environment. 

If you are considering getting started in facial care you should buy facial scrubs and include them in your routine. Our products are completely natural and vegan. 

Tested on sensitive skin to avoid possible damage, your skin is the most important thing, you must take care of it inside and out. 

If you want to know more about skin care, visit our extensive product catalog .