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Although few know its benefits and importance, skin exfoliation should be part of our personal and skin care routine.

Exfoliating our skin cleanses it and at the same time eliminates the deepest impurities that cannot be removed naturally. Exfoliation improves the visual appearance of the skin showing it more hydrated, smoother and with a more radiant and smoother appearance.

We detail the benefits of exfoliating the skin and help you choose the exfoliator that best suits your needs, so that its use will facilitate the regeneration of your skin, making it look better and smoother.
Why buy body scrubs
Although it may not seem like it, the health of your skin depends on how free it is of impurities. Only a part of the large amount of dead cells contained in our skin can be eliminated naturally, taking into account that this process of expelling these impurities our body will do it at a slower and slower pace.

For this there is the possibility of using body scrubs that help us to finish cleaning the skin to remove all those cells that our skin needs to expel. So, if you do not exfoliate your skin, you are not fulfilling a complete and total care of our skin.

In addition, the use of body scrubs in our self-care and skin health improvement routines has a number of benefits that may not be well known:

Exfoliating the skin is synonymous with renewing, cleansing and smoothing it.
Exfoliation removes the dirt found in our pores, which means a total cleansing of the different dermal layers.
It is interesting to use exfoliants in areas where acne is common, as in the case of adolescents during puberty.
It favors the correct oxygenation of the skin and, in turn, the blood circulation.
Skin exfoliation facilitates the adherence of other moisturizing products or any other type of product.

Who are body scrubs for?
Really, anyone's skin requires exceptional and conscious care. Therefore, it would be necessary in any case that we include body scrubs in our personal care to improve the appearance of the skin but also to remove what our skin no longer needs, as we have already seen. Our needs and those of each skin type should be taken into account when using some exfoliants or others, as well as to know how often we should use them.

For those who suffer from dry skin, a weekly or even bi-weekly exfoliation of their skin will be sufficient, depending on how dry it is. These are skin types where excessive use of body scrubs will cause skin irritation and cause the dermal layers to become too thin and lacking in defenses.

On the other hand, those with oily skin should exfoliate at least two to three times a week, up to daily if necessary.

In any case, it should not be forgotten that after a proper exfoliation, it will also be necessary to consciously moisturize at least those areas of the skin that have been exfoliated. Therefore, the order for good skin care is to use an exfoliating scrub first, followed by a good moisturizer.

In addition, there are some parts of the body whose skin care should be more intensive. This depends especially on the specific pathologies and needs of each person. For example, during puberty it is common for acne to appear on both the face and the back, so exfoliation in this case will be a good treatment for it. On the other hand, there are people who tend to have very cracked heels, or blackheads on the legs or other specific areas; it will also be interesting to pay special attention to exfoliate these areas. Exfoliating the hands will help to rejuvenate them; and exfoliating the armpits will always be beneficial since it is one of the parts of the body with the highest number of dead cells that are difficult to remove in a natural way.
Which body scrubs to buy
As we have just seen, our skin may have different needs depending on the part of the body in question, or depending on our age. This is why the choice of which exfoliator to use is particularly important.

You can use one scrub or another depending on whether it is a product that we are going to use for the face, for the feet or if we need a more generic body scrub, so to speak. In addition, we will have to pay attention to those exfoliants that, for example, may be better for the prevention or treatment of acne and which ones are better for skin rejuvenation. But sometimes you can find exfoliants that work for more sensitive areas, such as the face, while still doing their job on the rest of the body. Our Bio Peel is the best option to choose as a body scrub that works for any area of your skin.

It is always preferable to choose natural-based exfoliants. And, in any case, the specific needs of our skin should be taken into account.
What are the best body scrubs?
At + Farma Drosch we know how important it is for you to take care of your skin with treatments that truly improve its appearance and luminosity from its innermost layers. For this reason, we provide you with the options that you will find on our website as the best body scrubs:

Bio Peel. Biodegradable Facial and Body Exfoliating Scrub

Operation Bikini Pack

Where to buy body scrubs
You will find our products in different points of sale in Spain where you can buy body scrubs, and even in other European countries or internationally.

We also offer the possibility to place your orders online. We invite you to visit our website and make your purchase with the possibility of having free shipping on the peninsula if you exceed 30 € in your purchases. In addition, you will receive your package in just 48 working hours.
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Moreover, you can place your orders online and enjoy free shipping on purchases over 30€ throughout the peninsula.