Effective, Healthy and Sustainable Comestics

+ Farma Dorsch is an extensive line of Dermo Cosmetics with Facial, Body, Hair and Food Supplement products that respond to each and every one of the needs of the skin and hair, without forgetting care and respect for the environment.

Anti-aging treatments of proven efficacy for all skin types , specially designed for those more sensitive . To create each of our formulas we have the advice of a team of dermatologists, pharmacists, and cosmetologists, to create the most effective dermocosmetics for skin health and, always, with the best "AAA" active ingredients.

Meet our History

The history of + Farma Dorsch is that of its founder, Ana Fridda Dorsch, an enterprising and visionary woman who knew, from the first moment, that the future of dermocosmetics was in creating effective, healthy cosmetics and sustainable.

The Laboratories were born in 1983, when its founder received a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from the University of Florida and decided to create a dermatological line, inspired by Nature, to mitigate the symptoms of a disease incurable autoimmune that caused premature aging of the skin. Thus helping the most sensitive skin like yours.

Ana Fridda Dorsch (Founder); Coral Márquez Dorsch (CEO (Chief Executive Officer), EM (Export Manager)); Isabel Márquez Dorsch (CPO (Chief Production Officer), SCM (Supply Chain Manager)); Sonia Márquez Dorsch (CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), SM (Sales Manager))


From our R + D + i department we guarantee and certify the highest quality. We have Dermatological Tests and specially tested on sensitive skin.

Our products do not contain active ingredients of animal origin and are of course cruelty free.

Our firm has been awarded by different organizations and media as a benchmark in sustainability for its social and economic commitment and for the responsible use of environmental resources.

We are the 1st European Dermocosmetic Laboratory with products certified by EWG tm, (Environmental Working Group), an American body that verifies healthy products for the skin and the environment.

We use natural, vegetable and synthetic ingredients that, based on experience, science and biotechnology, provide substantial benefits for the skin without harming the environment.

We avoid the use of substances and / or treatments with a possible harmful effect on health and / or the environment. 0% sulfates, sensitizing chemical preservatives, formaldehyde formers, silic...

EFFECTIVE and RESPECTFUL formulas with the environment that inform the consumer in a RESPONSIBLE and TRANSPARENT way. We have a strong commitment in this regard, which is why we offer clear and ...

We use renewable sources. We have an exhaustive control of water and electricity. We do not emit smoke and we have a geothermal plant.

Clinically Proven Efficacy

Farma Dorsch has scientifically proven results in Clinical Efficacy tests by an external laboratory.

Instrumental Efficacy Test on 44 volunteers for 28 days.

"Made in Spain"

Despite its Germanic name, + FARMA DORSCH, it is a 100% SPANISH company. All processes ( research, formulation, manufacturing and packaging ) are carried out in Spain and are subjected to meticulous tests and physical-chemical and microbiological controls carried out in the Quality Control Unit of the Center of Research and INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT of the Group .

The Dermo-Pharmaceutical Group, has the constant advice of a team of dermatologists, cosmetologists, pharmacists and chemists who make their products </ strong > Have achieved a growing reputation thanks to their rigorous manufacturing standards and obtaining evident results, using the best active ingredients: CLEAN BEAUTY

Experts in

Anti-aging treatments for all skin types , but specially designed for sensitive skin , since one of the basic objectives of its founder, Ana Fridda Dorsch, was and it is, formulate treatments of the highest quality, proven efficacy and without allergens for your skin problems.







Social Responsibility

We are committed, from our beginnings, to sustainability and ethics in the company. That is why, as a firm, we focus on the research and manufacture of products that protect health and the environment.

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